Climate Starter Kit

Foundations and the climate crisis

Our Climate Starter Kit offers an ideal springboard for immediate action: it empowers foundations to develop their own responses to the climate crisis.

The fight against climate change is the most urgent global challenge of our time. If we are to limit global warming to a tolerable level, business, politics and civil society must mobilise all their forces and act together.

Even now we can see – clearer than ever before – that climate change affects not only our environment but also almost every other issue in our society. The question that follows from this – what specific action do we now need to take? – poses challenges for foundations every bit as enormous as those it poses for other organisations. 

Of course, not every foundation is – or needs to become – a climate foundation, but all established funding areas are now being influenced by climate change, as these examples show:


  • Health – from air conditioning in hospitals to the call for clean air
  • Education – from practical behavioural tips for children to retraining for coal miners 
  • Diversity – from empowering female voices in the climate movement to the particular vulnerability of women and LGBTQ people in the global south 

All these cross-cutting issues must be taken into account when developing projects – to protect our climate, but also as to not jeopardise successes in other funding areas.
Their unique opportunities mean that foundations are particularly well placed to create a sustainable and positive impact in the fight against climate change. But how to get started? 

The Climate Starter Kit at a glance

Climate change is a highly dynamic and complex issue, and finding the right answers for your organisation is a challenge.

With our Climate Starter Kit, we help you and your foundation to find your own direction, identify potential lines of action and take the first firm steps on the way to a climate-friendly foundation.

An ideal springboard for immediate action

Our program informs you about the most important aspects of climate change from a philanthropic perspective. It demonstrates the different ways in which foundations can take action against the climate crisis (and why they should) and supports them in finding their own role in doing so. 

In four two-hour modules, we work together to determine how your foundation can reduce emissions, align its activities with efforts to minimise climate change and make the best possible use of its special role in society so as to also benefit the climate.

To this end, we provide your foundation with tailor-made analyses and recommendations for action that highlight potentials and risks, and we suggest possible solutions. The starter kit is aimed particularly at foundations that are not active in the environmental and climate context but pursue other funding purposes.

We want the decisions you make about the future climate impact of your foundation to be more informed and confident. That is why we place particular emphasis on using case studies to discuss concrete measures and practical tips that you can implement directly, rather than just discussing the topics on an abstract level. The program offers you an ideal springboard for immediate action.  



It was a great opportunity to kick-start the conversation. It has really helped us to review and validate what we are doing and aiming to achieve. We’ve seen that we can be a relevant actor without compromising with the foundation’s objective. 

It’s a valuable workshop for every foundation, no matter the goals and purpose it is pursuing.”


– Family Foundation from Northern Germany


Overview of knowledge modules and services

Which questions will we tackle in the course of the four modules?
What services are included in the program?


Knowledge modules

We will deal with these questions in the course of the four modules:

Introducing the basics: bringing climate change and foundation work together 

What are the causes and consequences of global climate change today and for future generations? What role can foundations play in the fight against climate change?   

The foundation’s footprint: emissions and offsetting 

Where do emissions arise in the course of the foundation’s work and how can they be reduced? How do compensation mechanisms work, and what are the risks?  

Fulfilling the foundation's purpose: challenges and opportunities   

What influence does climate change have on your foundation’s work? How can project and funding work be adapted to meet the new circumstances? 

A small player with a big impact: together against climate change 

How can foundations use their special role in society to win over other actors for a commitment against climate change? 


We offer these services as part of the program:

Stocktaking and analysis   

Systematic analysis of potentials and risks of the foundation’s activities in relation to climate change   

Recommendations for next steps  

Elaborated list of recommendations on how to actively integrate climate change in your foundation’s purpose and operational work   

Process support (exclusive)   

Individual support in the implementation of the recommendations as well as in-depth coaching of staff members  


Contact & bookings

The Climate Starter Kit is available at an introductory price of €2,900 plus VAT. As a non-profit organisation, we use income from our special-purpose operations to engage the foundation world in the fight against climate change, in line with our mission.
If you are interested and have any questions about our offer, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist for impact and project management, Daniel Großbröhmer.