Pablo Garcia sitting at a frosty shore in Greenland

Transformational journeys and powerful experiences

We offer expeditions to learn about the climate crisis and the solutions available to tackle it.

Active Philanthropy offers transformational journeys to learn about the climate crisis, its effects and possible solutions from leading scientists. Since 2006, we have carried out 16 expeditions to the Ilulissat Icefjord on Greenland‘s west coast, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. Other destinations have been the Amazon Rainforest, Iceland and Botswana.

I went to Greenland thinking it was a practical imperative to deal with climate change. I came away feeling it’s a moral imperative.

David Gergen,
Former advisor to four US presidents,
Founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School,
Participant in Active Philanthropy‘s 2019 Greenland expedition

Participants travel in small groups and develop a personal connection to the issue of climate change and the way it impacts the wellbeing of humans and the natural world. Discussions and workshops with world-class scientists facilitate a deeper understanding of challenges as well as solutions to the climate crisis.


Predictions of scientists warn us about the enormous change to our world that are to come if we do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But we should not just look to the future if we want to understand climate change. Observations of current climate changes already indicate the drastic effects of a warming planet.

A place on Earth where the impacts of climate change are most visible is Greenland, where Active Philanthropy has been running expeditions that inform decision-makers about the dynamics of climate change. As the Arctic is hit first by the effects of global warming, the Greenland ice sheet is quickly disappearing.

In the videos below, leading experts explain why and how Greenland is warming at an unprecedented rate. They highlight the human causes and consequences of such change, especially for people living at densely populated coastlines of the world. Having witnessed these changes at first hand, they also speak about their frustration with political inaction regarding climate change, and about the role that everybody plays in tackling it. 


Corporate expeditions

Adjusting your business

We also offer expeditions tailored specifically for management teams of corporations that want to explore how to future-proof their businesses in light of the climate crisis.

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