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Grant Services

Making a difference: Climate philanthropy with impact

We provide strategy design and analyses, grant services and a portfolio of pre-screened, high-impact NGOs for climate philanthropists and social investors.

Active Philanthropy offers strategy design and analyses as well as grant management services for  individual philanthropists and social investors, donor families and philanthropic organisations.  

You can opt for a tailored approach – including individual grant identification and management – or choose from a portfolio of high-impact climate NGOs pre-screened by Active Philanthropy to facilitate your philanthropic investment. What sets us apart is our personal commitment and service to the philanthropists we partner with.

There is hardly an issue that will not be affected by climate change. We therefore also support philanthropists and social investors in adding a climate lens to their existing giving portfolios, be it in the areas of health, environment, social justice, migration or the well-being of children, women and other vulnerable groups.

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You can opt for bespoke philanthropic advice or choose grantees from our pre-screened portfolios of high-impact climate NGOs. We also support philanthropists who wish to realign their existing philanthropic commitments in light of the climate crisis.

Active Philanthropy’s grant services include research and analyses, grant design and management, due diligence and monitoring services as well as personalized site visits and regular updates. You will be advised by Active Philanthropy’s climate specialist as well as grant analysts and portfolio experts.  

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Active Philanthropy continuously curates portfolios of pre-screened, high-impact climate NGOs from which philanthropists and social investors can choose for streamlined and efficient investments.

Our portfolios include organisations working towards multiple objectives including mitigation further climate change, increasing resilience to climate change impacts, and nature conservation. Often these objectives overlap. Currently, we curate opportunities for climate philanthropy around the following issues: clean energy, industry, buildings, transport, sustainable agriculture and food production, climate finance, climate governance and communication, consumption and economics, terrestrial ecosystems and land-use, coastal and marine ecosystems, biodiversity and animal conservation.

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Once you have chosen the climate NGOs you would like to support there are two options for setting up and managing your grants: If you would like to get actively involved with the funded organisation and its activities, you will probably fund the selected climate NGO directly, but could still rely on Active Philanthropy’s support and expertise in monitoring and managing your grant.

If you do not have the capacity to actively monitor your grants you can choose to allocate your funds or implement a jointly defined project together with Active Philanthropy. This also allows you to give discreetly. Our portfolios of pre-screened, high-impact climate NGOs are a good starting point for this kind of giving, but of course, we can also define an individual grant that meets your specific funding interests and goals.

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