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Advisory and Grant Management

We provide strategy design and analyses, grant services and a portfolio of pre-screened, high-impact NGOs for climate philanthropists and social investors.

What is it about


The climate crisis is the most urgent crisis that philanthropy can tackle. The impacts of a rapidly changing climate are clearly visible today.  No matter whether you are focusing your portfolio on education, health, gender, inequality or social justice – all these areas will be impacted by the climate crisis. However, given the scale and the complexity of the topic, it is a challenge to identify the best strategies and approaches. This is where Active comes in.


How we can support you

  • We support you to develop effective funding strategies and discover high-quality funding opportunities that have a real impact.
  • We have been working in the field for over 20 years. Our network gives you access to a fast-moving ecosystem of pioneers and thought leaders. We connect you to like-minded peers, high-impact projects and experts who are not just leading in their field, but are also able to communicate in an easy, understandable manner.
  • We know that every funder and every foundation require their individual strategy and will help you align your strategy to your values, interests and needs.
  • Time is often a scarce resource. We make sure you can spend the time you have on the tasks you most enjoy – whether it is visiting projects, meeting peers or sharing outcomes achieved with friends or family. We are happy to support you with all other tasks needed to make your funding effective.


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What we made possible


We are a small, passionate social enterprise supporting private and individual philanthropists, families, businesses and giving circles for more than 20 years. Infrastructure organisations, networks other service providers like banks and family offices trust our services. We specialize in developing and incubating promising solutions, that will impact millions of people.

Explore a few examples of what we made possible:

Seedfunding for DEAL: The backbone of Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth, probably the most relevant and practical economic model combining social welfare and ecological limitations. Today, DEAL is inspiring the sustainability strategies of thousands of companies, cities, and governments. Amsterdam, for example, is using the Doughnut as the framework for the city’s development plan.

Introducing BLab to Germany: A movement to increase sustainability in the business world, comprising over 6000 Companies globally. B Corp Certificates ensure consumers to have chosen products that benefit people, communities and planet, among them companies like Patagonia, The Body Shop, illy, ToGoodToGo or Alpro.

The Environmental Investigation Agency has received funds to monitor developments around the pebble mine project in Alaska. They brought to light illegal actions that finally led to ceasing the complete project. It eventually led to the protection of breeding grounds for 50 million salmon and secured 15,000 jobs in the local fishing industry.

A non-profit has been supported to run campaigns for wildlife protection, focusing on elephants and whales. The campaign contributed to close Japan’s domestic ivory market. Major Japanese retailers and internet platforms have stopped trading in and advertising ivory products.


Do you want to add to this list? Contact Daniel Grossbroehmer at

Not yet convinced? Hear from others about working with us:


 "I adjusted the focus of our foundation to support more organisations with a focus on systems change. Active Philanthropy has closely guided this process, which has been enormously helpful.“​

Laura Viegner, ALV Stiftung


"Supported by Active Philanthropy, we have developed sustainability principles for ourselves as a team with around 40 employees and are currently in the process of becoming one of the first climate-neutral foundations in Germany.“

Tim Göbel, CEO Schöpflin Stiftung


"The team at Active Philanthropy has deep knowledge of the climate and philanthropy sectors and a unique ability to bring the two together.“

Nalini Tarakeshwar, Head of Programs, UBS Philanthropy Services