Why the future of women is a climate matter

A climate-safe planet will benefit women and facilitate more gender equality across the planet.
two women standing at a table, bent over a graphic

Women are especially at risk from the effects of climate change

Making our future climate-safe will help improve the lives of many women. Even though social and cultural environments differ across the world, women are among those most at risk from the harmful effects of climate change.1  In many societies, women have little say in the resources they depend on and only limited access to education and better jobs.  At the same time, they often carry the biggest burden when their homes and livelihoods are hit by climate-induced environmental disasters.

Containing climate change will facilitate better living conditions for women and reduce the risks to their well-being, health and livelihoods that result from environmental disasters. In doing so, climate action can help break the link between poverty, ill-health, lack of education, and inequality that has, to date, barred many women from having their voices heard.

As a philanthropist, you can help empower women through climate action in many different ways. You can support advocacy work to achieve a better participation of women in political institutions and decision-making processes. You can also bring a gender perspective to climate projects by supporting women stakeholders or funding female entrepreneurs.

Another option is to provide funds to improve the education of girls and the protection of women’s health and reproductive rights. In the wake of environmental disasters, you can support schemes that ensure care especially for women.