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Learning about the climate crisis – and how it can be solved

We offer insights into the climate crisis and how climate philanthropy can help create a healthier and fairer world.

Active Philanthropy offers you accessible insights about climate change, the current state of climate action and opportunities for climate philanthropy. We showcase how the climate crisis impacts the natural world and human lives, and how it affects issues such as public health, the well-being of women, children and the elderly, as well as democracy, social justice and migration.

We present you with avenues for engaging in climate philanthropy, covering different sectors, regions and levers for change. We inform you about key actors and organisations that work to ensure a sustainable future, and we offer concrete opportunities to support climate action.

To this end, we partner with leading international experts and organisations in the fields of climate science, policy and industry, and with national and international NGOs. Our principal partners are the largest climate funders worldwide.


Climate 101

Climate change is a complex issue that relates to and has an effect on many parts of everyone's life. Our Climate 101 Modules will provide you a basic understanding of what everyone needs to know when it comes to climate change, why it is so important to act and even more important to act now. The three slidesets introduce 1. the scientific background of why climate change is happening and why it is a problem, 2. what is the current outlook for us and our planet and 3. how politics tries to react.


Climate science: Further reading

Many people would like to know more about climate science but find it difficult to navigate between very technical scientific knowledge and the multitude of “knowledge brokers”.
Here we curate a purposefully short list of links to further information that is well communicated and comes from authoritative sources. This includes further readings in different formats, for different audiences and of different depth. 

Introduction to climate science

NASA climate change

Get an overview of how the Earth system works and how societies influence it.
The Royal Society’s “Short guide to climate science”   
Online course on climate change

Open University’s free online course on climate change

MOCC “Climate change risks and challenges”

Let eminent experts help you to widen your existing knowledge to new depths.

Intelligencer’s “The Uninhabitable Earth”

NYT Magazine’s “Losing Earth: the decade we almost stopped climate change”

Understand the urgency of climate change and why it is a threat to humanity.

Learn how our understanding of climate change has developed over the last four decades.

Special interest

Carbon Brief’s “Tipping points of climate change”

Carbon Brief’s “How do climate models work?”

World Health Organisation’s “Climate change and Covid19”

Understand at what point the climate system changes abruptly and irreversibly.

Learn how scientists use computers to understand our changing climate.

Find answers to questions about the relationship between climate change and Covid19.


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