Empowering climate philanthropy

Active Philanthropy supports philanthropists, donor families, philanthropic organizations and social investors who wish to engage in climate action. As a non-profit organization, we are non-partisan and independent from governments, financial institutions and NGOs. We are funded by donations and grants from individuals and non-state organizations as well as service fees.

No silver bullet, but plenty of silver buckshot

Tackling climate change offers the opportunity to make life healthier, safer and fairer for people both near us and across the world. The solutions to make our planet climate-safe are available today. Philanthropists can support them in many ways.

As a philanthropist or social investor, you are uniquely positioned to accelerate action to counter the climate crisis, the greatest risk to humans in the 21st century. Unrestricted by political or market limitations, you can provide much-needed funds, bring to bear strategic acumen and connect stakeholders and sectors that do not normally work together.

Rather than offering one fix-all solution, the manifold impacts of climate change also allow you to engage in areas that are especially close to your heart. Protecting our natural world and biodiversity is only one of them. Whether health, education, women’s and children’s issues, social justice or the promotion of democracy – climate action has many facets. There is no silver bullet to solve the problem of climate change, yet there is plenty of effective silver buckshot to apply.

Climate philanthropists can be a driving force in safeguarding the livelihoods of future generations: Funds are needed, but also a strategic dialogue with governments, businesses, science, and civil society.

Sonia Medina, Executive Director / Climate Change,
Children‘s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)


Every journey is different. How can we support yours?

We offer expertise and expeditions to learn about the climate crisis, as well as opportunities and grant services for effective climate philanthropy.