A force of change for a better world

Climate philanthropists and social investors can be a major force in making this world healthier, fairer and more prosperous for all. They can bring about change in key sectors and regions or strengthen levers for climate action.

No silver bullet, plenty of silver buckshot

As a philanthropist or social investor, you are uniquely positioned to accelerate action to counter the climate crisis, the greatest risk to humans in the 21st century. Unrestricted by political or market limitations, you can provide much-needed funds, bring to bear strategic acumen and connect stakeholders and sectors that do not normally work together.

Rather than offering one fix-all solution, the manifold impacts of climate change also allow you to engage in areas that are especially close to your heart. Protecting our natural world and biodiversity is only one of them. Whether health, education, women’s and children’s issues, social justice or the promotion of democracy – climate action has many facets. There is no silver bullet to solve the problem of climate change, yet there is plenty of effective silver buckshot to apply.

Climate philanthropists can be a driving force in safeguarding the livelihoods of future generations: Funds are needed, but also a strategic dialogue with governments, businesses, science, and civil society.

Sonia Medina, Executive Director / Climate Change,
Children‘s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)

Options for climate action, levers of change

As a climate philanthropist, you can focus your commitment on specific sectors that are critical for moving towards a climate-safe future. Supporting steps to end carbon pollution in areas such as energy and transport, manufacturing, industry, construction, farming and food production can accelerate the climate action urgently needed to keep global warming within 1.5°C, the goal agreed by the international community in the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

Another approach is to fund projects in regions that are hit particularly hard by the climate crisis – such as coastal areas facing increased flooding or regions affected by ever more intense heatwaves, with resulting crop failures and knock-on effects like ill-health, hunger, poverty and migration.

You also have the option to empower levers of change. Policy change and advocacy, education, strategic communications, public campaigns, litigation initiatives, movement and coalition building – all these factors are vital to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action and to mobilize communities, stakeholders as well as economic and political decision-makers.
Strategically deployed and scaled, your philanthropic investment can create impact and help ensure the livelihood, health and security of current and future generations.