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Active Philanthropy offers transformational journeys to learn about climate change, its impacts and possible solutions.


Led by leading scientists, we have carried out 16 expeditions to the Ilulissat Icefjord at Greenland‘s west coast, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, since 2006. Other destinations have been the Amazon Rainforests, Iceland and Botswana. The journeys combine scientific workshops and expeditions that help to understand climate change on a deep personal level. We also explore business solutions that counter the climate crisis while supporting our local and international economies.


Active Philanthropy‘s expeditions are offered to current and future climate philanthropists, as well as decision-makers and business leaders who operate in corporate and family businesses. We also offer expeditions to climate sites tailored specifically for set groups and organizations.




The climate crisis threatens every aspect of our lives and also our business activities – from food security via economic stability to investments. While the trend is clear, the speed and extent of change will depend on many factors going forward.


Companies, therefore, have to prepare to manage for uncertainties. Active Philanthropy offers tailored expeditions for corporate management teams that help business leaders to establish a personal understanding of climate change. They provide a setting to discuss threats to businesses as well as opportunities triggered by climate change. These corporate expeditions help companies to explore how to future-proof their businesses in light of the climate crisis.






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