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September 28th, 2022

Active Philanthropy’s new climate funding platform: The Climate Solutions Hub

By Sandra Khusrawi


The Climate Solutions Hub offers an easy and effective entry into climate funding. On it, alongside a selection of knowledge resources, funders will find a selection of projects in need of support – all carefully chosen for their projected impact, value and integrity. Put simply, the Hub is a tool that individual and institutional funders can use with ease and trust, to start climate action now.

Why did we build the Climate Solutions Hub?

We built the Hub because now is the time to act. Any further delay ‘will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all, as the latest IPCC Climate Change Report warns. The challenge is enormous. Nothing less than the preservation of life on our planet is at stake.

We believe that philanthropy can and must play a key role in making the transition towards a low-carbon economy swift, just and inclusive. By promoting new narratives, driving policy changes, and strengthening the voices of those most affected, funders can fill a crucial gap in global climate action and can leverage promising solutions.

In our experience, many donors want to get involved but have difficulty identifying projects, from the multitude of possible solutions, that will have a real impact – and the sheer range of choice can be paralysing. In this landscape, it can be challenging for new donors to be completely sure where they should place their trust, and funding. It can also take a lot of time and cost a load of money to singlehandedly build up one’s own funding infrastructure. It’s for these reasons that we set up the Climate Solutions Hub.

But isn’t this just another climate funding platform?



Not exactly! What makes our platform unique is that it enables individuals and institutions to take an active role in combatting climate change – in a simple, low-risk and convenient way. On the Climate Solutions Hub, we combine knowledge with the opportunity to take direct action. We invite funders to become part of a growing yet exclusive community and to access a safe space as a way of getting active in climate funding. 

The Hub’s Resources section offers a selection of insights into the causes and effects of the climate crisis and the role of philanthropy in combatting it. Users can explore a variety of critical fields of action – such as nature conservation, vulnerable groups, financial systems, or agriculture – and navigate to a collection of related publications, videos and podcasts on the topics that interest them most. You can read about the approach of Indigenous groups prioritising responsibility for future generations, get to know how foundations can align their endowments with climate goals, explore how philanthropic networks can achieve collective impact, and much more. Explore the Hub’s Resources!

The Projects section is all about climate action. Here, funders will find a regularly renewed selection of outstanding climate solutions. We choose each of these carefully in collaboration with our partners (some of the most experienced climate funders in the world) and then review them thoroughly ourselves. The featured initiatives work to drive necessary policy changes, hold decision-makers to account, or advocate for sustainable financial systems, climate-friendly agriculture, and global climate justice. They bring young climate activists to the table with mayors around the world to create sustainable cities, build a network of industry and start-ups to make the circular economy a reality in Europe, or support major European news companies to communicate more effectively about the climate crisis.

Who is the Climate Solutions Hub for?

The Resource section is for everybody curious to read, watch and listen to the latest insights about the climate crisis and the role of funders in responding to it. Foundations and others are also invited to share their publications in this section.

The Projects section is for registered members who wish to explore and support individual projects and gradually build their own climate funding portfolio. Members enjoy Active Philanthropy’s grant management services, which include access to detailed due diligence results of all featured projects, impact monitoring, and support with financial transactions. They are expected to be ready to spend €25k+ on climate projects (spread over different projects or on one project, with a flexible time horizon). We invite you to join this growing yet exclusive Climate Solutions Hub community!

How can I become a member?

That’s easy! Visit the Climate Solutions Hub, click on Join and enter your name and email address, and you will shortly hear from us. The membership of the Climate Solutions Hub is not associated with any costs. Learn more about the Hub and how it’s funded in our FAQ.

Whether you are visiting the Resources section or Active’s Climate Portfolio, requesting membership, or just passing by, we always really value your feedback, comments and questions! Please reach out to Sandra Khusrawi.