December 4th, 2022

Become a part of the Climate Solutions Hub!

By Johanna Fuhrhop

Do you want to play your part in fighting the climate crisis? Do you want your donations to create a planet worth living on for our children and grandchildren? Are you looking for good climate projects with transformational impact, but finding it hard to navigate the jungle of opportunities?

If so, we have great news for you: our co-funding platform, the “Climate Solutions Hub", is now live. The Hub presents over 20 high-impact projects – all “Active-approved” – waiting for your donation. Projects that have made it onto this platform have been carefully selected: they were recommended by some of the most experienced climate funders worldwide, and have been thoroughly assessed by experts from Active Philanthropy.

The criteria for being “Active approved” are strict: the project must be transformative, meaning it must drive positive change in society, politics, or business. Simply planting trees is not enough. Two independent experts from Active evaluate facts and figures and meet the people behind each project. The result is our personal recommendation, based on 16 years of experience in selecting outstanding projects – from us to you.

The Climate Solutions Hub helps you to find and fund some of the best climate projects. We are happy to give you an individual walk-through of the current portfolio of projects, or you can simply explore the Hub on your own by registering with your name and email address. Each project description is accompanied by short videos and photos from the project, giving you a comprehensive understanding of each project’s strategy and impact.

One example is C40, a project bringing together youth climate activists and mayors from 97 cities around the world. Theirs is a win–win dialogue: the activists learn how to voice their concerns; the mayors gather ideas on how to transform their cities into climate-friendly and attractive places to live.

Another project is the Global Greengrants Fund, which focuses on innovative grassroots ideas. It aims to support 50 promising initiatives around the world that are developed by communities severely affected by climate change – with projects ranging from organic farming to renewable energy, to campaigns for climate justice.

The Foundation Conservation Carpathia, on the other hand, aims to save Europe’s last virgin forest. Together with local communities in the Romanian Carpathians, it is developing ecological alternatives for tourism to restore and protect this region and its vast biodiversity.  

Still can’t decide which project to support? Don’t despair – Active’s Climate Portfolio allows you to support all projects across the platform with a single donation.

The organisations on the Climate Solutions Hub aim to raise between 50,000 and 500,000 euros per project. You can choose any size of donation that fits your budget: every contribution counts.

As a funder, you will be invited to participate in bi-annual calls with the projects, hosted by Active Philanthropy. Project leaders will give you an update on their projects, and answer any of your questions.

Why not start today? Access to the Climate Solutions Hub is free. Your support helps us curate more projects and to maintain the platform – so we really appreciate it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us!